Oregon Forensic Psychology

Working in forensic psychology requires the ability to compare and contrast a wide range of psychological approaches and how they interact with the legal system. Careers in this area are found in hospitals, health and human service agencies, the courts, non-profits and in private practice. Among the benefits of this line of study is the wide range of job opportunities.

According to the Oregon Employment Department, jobs related to science, math and healthcare are the fastest growing. While unemployment and growth in Oregon remains on par with the rest of the country, the field of psychology nationwide is predicted to grow well into the future.

Institutions that report hiring the most forensic psychologists include: prison systems, mental institutions, police departments, court systems, mental health centers and hospitals, and juvenile correctional facilities. Approximately a third of all forensic psychologists are self-employed. It’s an expansive field, and a relatively new specialization in the field of psychology.

As a forensic psychology student in Oregon, you will become well rounded in all the main schools of thought on the mind and human behavior, helping you to create a complete picture of a psychological situation as it relates to a court case. You will utilize techniques and research from clinical, social, and experimental psychology. In your degree program, you will take classes in both psychology and law. Eventually, you may be asked to testify and provide findings on any number of cases. From workplace violence to postpartum depression, you will face some challenging issues and your expertise and experience will be frequently called into question in a court of law.

Forensic Psychology Programs
Note: This list contains Campus as well as Online schools.
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