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Explore the information below and begin your journey toward becoming a licensed psychologist in Tennessee. The following procedures have been the same for many years; however, they are subject to change and it would be wise to contact the State of Tennessee Board of Examiners of Psychology at (615) 532-3202 if you have any concerns or questions regarding requirements for earning your Tennessee psychologist license.

I'm a High School Graduate

Regardless of the industry you're interested in, becoming educated in psychology is a great career move. Government, business and the mental health sector are experiencing a growing demand for psychologists and other professionals with a background in psychology.

The following are steps you should be taking right now to help expedite your journey toward a Tennessee psychologist career.

Step One:

The first step is by far the most important at this stage. Begin by contacting schools to learn more about their psychology programs. Earning a college degree is a time consuming process, but absolutely necessary regardless of the career you eventually enter.

As far as becoming a psychologist in Tennessee, you will need to eventually complete a doctoral degree program in psychology or a related field. So, first thing you should do is start earning your undergraduate education. Click on the links below to browse schools offering programs you are currently qualified to begin!

Step Two:

After getting your college education underway, you will want to begin bolstering your resume and learning more about possible future career environments. A great way to do both is through volunteering.

Graduate schools and employers look kindly on extra-curricular activities. Volunteering shows your ability to go above and beyond what is asked or expected of you. This is exactly the quality graduate schools and employers look for in their students and employees. Below are some organizations providing volunteering opportunities in Tennessee.

Finally, regardless of whether a career as a licensed psychologist is in your future or not, a higher education is always a great investment of your time and energy. So, go ahead and get started!

Already Received Bachelor's or Master's Degree

Well done! You're well on your way to being qualified to apply for a psychologist license in Tennessee. The following are the necessary steps to fulfill the rest of the requirements.

Step One:

Contact schools offering Master's, PhD or PsyD programs you are interested in.

Step Two:

When choosing a Master's or Doctoral program, you will be narrowing your career focus. Since there are a large variety of areas where you can go within the field of psychology, it would be wise to speak with the career services personnel at your school to learn more about various opportunities you may participate in to boost yourself higher on the list of possible applicants for school and/or for a professional position once you have completed your schooling.

I Have Finished PhD or PsyD

Follow the steps to learn how to acquire your Psychologist license in Tennessee.

Step One:

Tennessee requires that you complete a 1 year internship while working towards your doctoral degree. This internship should include 1900 hours of supervised training.

If you are looking to have the Health Service Provider designation, you will need to earn another year of 1900 supervised hours after the completion of your degree program. You will also need to have a provisional license prior to acquiring the post-doctoral experience. Contact the Tennessee Board of Examiners of Psychologists to request a provisional license application and to learn more about this requirement at (615) 532-3202.

More details about the requirements and qualifying supervisors can be found here.

Step Two:

Once the psychologist licensure application is complete, you can submit your application to the Tennessee Board of Examiners. Include all supporting forms and required fees.

Download the application from the Board's website. More thorough information regarding requirements and the application procedure can be found on the downloadable application.

Step Three:

The Board will review your application and once you have received written approval, you can submit an exam application and fee to the Professional Examination Service. Click here for more information on the EPPP examination.

You will then receive further instructions about taking the national Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology. You will also receive a registration form for the state jurisprudence exam.

Psychology Schools & Colleges
Note: This list contains Campus as well as Online schools.