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As the saying goes, the only constant in life is change. If you are considering a Maine psychology college as your source for higher education, change will be your job security whether it be change in our financial systems or shifting paradigms in social views.

“I have been a tireless defender of equal opportunity and have fought to end discrimination in employment, housing and throughout society. Unfortunately, there is no question that gay and lesbian people and their families still face discrimination.” - Maine Governor John Baldacci, Jan. 13th, 2009

Governor Baldacci is reflecting on change that is occurring in the state of Maine and throughout the country. In this case, he is speaking of ratifying legislation discriminating against gay and lesbian unions. Certainly disruptions in the way we view ourselves and others gives rise to many questions about the world and about ourselves.

In psychotherapy and counseling professions, such changes create volumes of individuals seeking help in dealing with related family or personal issues. On a more broad scale, economic reform and changing personal finances puts large amounts of stress on people who, in turn, seek solutions from psychology professionals as well.

An underlying reason for much of the consistently rising demand for psychology professionals in Maine, is the rising levels of education. As a population increases their levels of education, the percentage of individuals who actively seek help rises. Educated individuals will often have a better understanding of mental illness, substance abuse issues and developments of mental stress and will often understand that dealing with these issues alone is near impossible and can be dangerous.

Maine psychology colleges are actively expanding programs and refining courses to help students meet the needs of their future clients, whether they be working with psychotherapy or by working to help businesses create more efficient workplaces. In either case, the future outlook for those educated by Maine psychology schools is looking bright for many years to come.

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