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In the past, there has not been a great demand on Montana psychology schools to create many psychology professionals in the state. However, as businesses have changed and the level of education in Montana is rapidly increasing to keep pace with the rest of the country, psychology professionals are in increasing demand in both industry and mental health fields.

New businesses in the energy sector, such as wind energy, are having to consult with organizational and industrial psychologists to create business plans that are competitive with other forms of energy. Marketing departments are more frequently employing the expertise of psychology professionals to get a greater insight into the needs of customers.

In addition, rising levels of education are encouraging larger percentages of those suffering from mental illnesses or substance abuse problems to seek help. With greater awareness of such illnesses comes a greater understanding of the value of psychological help.

State governments across the country are jumping on the psychology bandwagon in these times of transition. Psychology fundamentals are now more than ever seen as an absolute necessity for creating practical solutions to our economic problems.

Montana psychology schools will likely be seeing increased demand for graduates from businesses and residents of Montana in the near future. This will also most likely be a trend that continues long into the future. Those interested in enrolling in a Montana psychology college should enjoy increasing job demand and security in the coming years.

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