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Increased awareness with regard to the value of psychology can be seen throughout our society. For example, new policies in government have been taken solely based on the link between a healthy economy and the trust citizens have of their government.

Due to the previous administration's lack of transparency, the Nebraska government has created a website showing information about budgets and issues in an effort to create transparency and consequently restore the public's trust in the system of government.

“Providing live coverage will allow Nebraskans and anyone with an Internet connection to know what’s going on at the seat of our government. It provides a new level of accountability to our citizens.” - Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman, Jan. 20th, 2009

Consequences of various industries' interest in adopting psychology professionals can be seen every day while our country struggles in economic turmoil and social transition.

Businesses in need of understanding their customers' evolving needs, companies needing to reform their workplace environment, and increasing populations of individuals suffering from mental illnesses and substance abuse problems seeking help are all continually increasing the demand for those graduating from Nebraska psychology colleges. Psychology school graduates will continue to reap the rewards of higher demand through greater job opportunities, better compensation and job security.

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Note: This list contains Campus as well as Online schools.