South Carolina Psychology Schools

The fundamental concept of psychology is a three step process: Study minds and behaviors, learn why people act or think the way they do, and lastly, create solutions that make ourselves, and the world in which we live, better.

South Carolina psychology colleges are under increasing demand to produce graduates who are skilled at manifesting the above steps in very complex situations in government, businesses, and the mental health industry.

In government, for example, the reaction to the economic crisis has caused state and national governments to employ psychology methods in policy development in an effort to re-acquire the trust of South Carolina residents. Below, Governor Sanford speaks about transitioning behavior in state government.

“The ideas of spending caps, restructuring and greater transparency are things this administration has pushed for a long time, and we’re incredibly pleased that Senate Republicans are making these issues a top priority this year.” - South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, Jan. 21st, 2009

South Carolina psychology schools are expanding programs and are eagerly seeking to create psychology and counseling programs that will meet the needs of graduates entering the South Carolina workforce.

Currently psychology professionals and recent South Carolina psychology college graduates are experiencing increasing job opportunities across all industries. Mental health professionals are finding, as South Carolina has developed greater awareness and education about diagnosis and treatment options for mental illnesses and substance abuse problems, many more individuals are seeking the help of psychologists, counselors, and social workers.

In business, psychology professionals are a new addition in strategy development. Whether in marketing, advertising or product development, many businesses have been finding psychology professionals are bringing valuable insight when seeking to meet expectations of clients and customers.

Regardless of the industry, graduates of South Carolina psychology colleges will likely find increasing career opportunities over the coming years.

Psychology Schools & Colleges
Note: This list contains Campus as well as Online schools.