Counseling Psychology Programs and Schools

counseling psychology programs

Counseling psychology can be considered a catch all phrase that encompasses a vast amount of fields within the emotional, social, educational, developmental, and organizational conceptual arenas.

When choosing a counseling psychology degree program, you should be aware that there are a large amount of options to choose from. Each option can help you specialize in the particular field of your interest.

In all counseling psychology programs you will study the counseling process and assess the relative outcomes of various counseling or therapeutic techniques whether you are involved with career counseling aspects of counseling psychology, working with mentally ill patients or counseling organizations through tough economic times or through changes in management.

Counseling Psychology Schools

Contact the schools listed below to learn more about classes each school offers, teaching methodologies, tuition costs and topics covered. Be sure to stay organized, contact multiple schools and compare what each school has to offer so you can learn which counseling psychology program is the best fit for you.

Counseling Schools & Colleges
Note: This list contains Campus as well as Online schools.