Explore the information below and begin your journey toward becoming a licensed psychologist in Colorado. The following procedures have been the same for many years; however, they are subject to change and it would be wise to contact the Colorado Board of Psychologist Examiners at (303) 894-7767 if you have any concerns or questions regarding requirements for earning your Colorado psychologist license.

I’m a High School Graduate

First of all, we would like to congratulate you for your motivation. Doing career research early will not only get you on the right track from the beginning, but you will also have significant opportunity to learn if a career as a psychologist is right for you.

The following are a few steps you should take to begin advancing your higher education and to help you gain important experience that will boost your resume as well as learn whether you enjoy an environment of helping people with their issues.

Step One:

One word, Education… No matter what career field you enter, you will benefit greatly from earning your Associate’s degree, even more with a Bachelor’s degree and greater still if you choose to acquire a graduate level of education. In addition, acquiring an education in psychology will make you a valuable and highly versatile asset in most any workforce.

Click on the links below to browse schools offering programs you are currently qualified to begin!

Step Two:

The next step which should take the form of various activities is career research. There are many avenues you can go down to learn more about the field of psychology. One would be to speak with your psychology professors. They should be able to give you insight into different career fields as well as provide you with information regarding summer jobs or volunteering opportunities in the industry.

You can also get out there and contact volunteering groups on your own. Contact the organizations listed below to learn about opportunities in psychology related fields in Colorado.

Remember, the first and most important step for you now is to begin advancing your current level of education. So, get out there and find out what the world has to offer you!

Already Received Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree

Once you have your undergraduate or Master’s degree, you will need to continue on and earn your doctorate degree in psychology, educational psychology or an education degree that specializes in counseling psychology or educational psychology from an accredited college or university.

Step One:

Contact schools offering Master’s, PhD or PsyD programs you are interested in.

Step Two:

When choosing a Master’s or Doctoral program, you will be narrowing your career focus. It would be wise to speak with the career services personnel at your school to learn more about various opportunities you may participate in to boost yourself higher on the list of applicants for schools and/or for a professional position once you have completed your schooling.

I have finished my PhD or PsyD

Follow the steps to learn how to acquire your Psychologist license in Colorado.

Step One:

Once you have received your degree, you will need to complete at least one year of full-time supervised experience approved by the Colorado Board of Psychologist Examiners.

You can find more details in the “frequently asked questions” section of the Colorado Board of Psychologist Examiners website. Go directly to the correct page here.

Step Two:

Next, you will need to apply for Colorado Pyschologist licensure examinations by downloading and completing the application found on the following Colorado psychologist board’s webpage.

As of January of 2007, Colorado requires an Affidavit of Eligibility form as well. You can acquire this additional Colorado licensure application through the link posted in the previous paragraph.

Step Three:

Once your application is approved, you can take the psychologist licensure exams which are given at least twice a year. The examinations cover general psychology, clinical and counseling psychology, and the application of these practices including ethics.

You can find more information on the EPPP examinations for Colorado psychologist licensure on the ASPPB website.