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Counseling Programs in Alabama

The annual average growth rate for counseling jobs in Alabama will exceed the growth rate for all other occupations in Alabama, according to the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations, benefiting not only those seeking employment in this field, but the health and well being of all the state's residents. The state projects overall annual job growth at 1.4% while mental health counseling positions will grow by 2.5%, and substance abuse and behavioral disorder counseling positions will grow by 2.4%.

Finding employment in today's tough economy is not easy, but those in the counseling field, especially vocational counselors, help those who are enduring times of transition. Additionally, the strain on today's families, marriages and individuals, juggling job loss or change, growing families, and a changing cultural and economic environment, increasingly require counseling professionals trained to help others adjust and cope. Counseling, considered a national high-growth occupation, will continue to see job growth in Alabama for many years to come.

To get started on a counseling degree, and to fulfill your long-term career goals in this rewarding and meaningful profession, request information from the schools listed below.

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