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Counseling Programs in Alaska

The state of Alaska believes that prevention programs are crucial when it comes to its residents' mental health. For that reason, the job outlook for those in the field of mental health counseling remains strong. But that's only part of the story for those living in Alaska and interested in entering this helping profession: the median salary for mental health counselors in Alaska is $12,700 above the national median salary, according to, a U.S. Department of Labor-sponsored website.

CareerOneStop states that the median salary for Alaska's mental health counselors is $49,500, and the top earners make $74,400 annually. In addition, out of all 50 states, Alaska ranks fourth in the country for concentration of mental health counselors, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Alaska attributes its strong employment outlook to increases in programs for child and family counseling, drug and addiction prevention, stress management, and elder care.

If you have a passion for designing and implementing mental health prevention programs, and you want to work in the field of mental health counseling, request program information from any of the schools listed below.

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