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Counseling Programs in Connecticut

Marriage and family therapists (MFT) employed in Connecticut earn a higher salary than most MFTs working in all other states. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks Connecticut as third in the country for annual MFT salaries, reporting the state's mean salary at $55,900. The state recognizes that these counselors, who treat mental and emotional disorders, and address relationships within the context of family systems, achieve highly effective outcomes while promoting preventive mental health practices.

Other counselors working in Connecticut are also taking long-term preventive perspectives when working to improve the lives of the state's residents. Connecticut mirrors the country's focus on mental health, as more organizations focus on holistic practices recognizing that the emotional well-being of individuals highly correlates with their physical well being. Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors in the state are experiencing an annual 3% growth rate, and mental health counselors a 2.5% annual growth rate, according to Connecticut's Department of Labor.

If you desire to work with families and individuals holistically as a counselor, addressing both body and mind issues, consider requesting more information on counseling degrees from any of the schools listed below.

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