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Counseling Programs in Florida

Florida projects robust job growth for many counseling specialties for the years 2009 to 2017, a result of the continued emphasis on healthcare reform that focuses on holistic programs and practices.

The highest job growth projection is for marriage and family therapists at 31.7%, according to the Florida Research and Economic Database (FRED). Florida’s employers recognize that counselors hold together families by helping them cope with today’s stresses. Florida counselors also aid in preventing physical diseases and conditions that can occur when stress affects an individual’s overall functioning.

Jobs in Florida for other counseling specialists also projected to grow: substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors by 22.3%; mental health counselors by 23.4%; rehabilitation counselors by 14.4%, and educational, vocational and school counseling positions by 15.2%, according to FRED. These numbers reflect results from recent studies proving the effectiveness of counseling on healthy behaviors, and the correlation with overall physical health. More emphasis on prevention programs and practices is also driving demand for counselors.

If you picture yourself working as a counselor, affecting the health and well being of individuals and families, request information regarding counseling degree programs from the schools listed below.

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