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Counseling Programs in Georgia

Counseling jobs in Georgia are projected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations, providing expanding opportunities during a time when many other occupations are experiencing drastic cuts and even declining growth rates. For the years 2006 to 2016, the Georgia Department of Labor (DOL) projects a 31.5% growth rate for substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors, mostly due to increased prevention programs, and awareness of the harmful impact of alcohol and drugs on personal relationships, careers, and families.

Prevention programs are also one reason for the expansion of counseling jobs in other specialties as well. Georgia's mental health counseling jobs are expected to increase by 27.6%, according to Georgia's DOL, and marriage and family therapist positions by 29.7%. Both of these specialties emphasize the importance of prevention programs designed to teach healthy behaviors, and also informed interventions when problems or issues do surface. And teaching healthy social and emotional behaviors and attitudes starts at the earliest of ages, continuing throughout a child's education - a major role of school counselors. Georgia's DOL projects educational, vocational and school counseling positions to increase by 21.6%.

If you consider counseling an attractive career option, preferring to impact and change lives, request information from the schools listed below to learn more about counseling programs available in Georgia.

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