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Counseling Programs in Idaho

The state of Idaho is committed to helping individuals with a variety of physical, mental and emotional disabilities, as evident by the number of rehabilitation counselors working in the state. Idaho is ranked second in the nation for having the highest concentration of rehabilitation counselors for every 1,000 residents, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. These counselors work in a variety of settings, including state and community-based vocational rehabilitation agencies, public schools, hospitals, independent living centers and job training centers.

In addition to rehabilitation, Idaho's counselors specialize in a number of fields, including mental health, substance abuse, school counseling, and marriage and family counseling. They work in the settings listed above, as well as counseling centers, corporations, HMOs, insurance companies, and federal, state and local government agencies. Additionally, some are self-employed, working with individuals and families on self-esteem issues, stress management, conflict resolution, and a host of emotional issues and behavior disorders. The federal government labels counseling a "high-growth" occupation through the year 2016.

If you are interested in a counseling field, enjoy working with individuals and families, and implementing programs that change lives, get started on a counseling degree. Request information from the schools listed below to begin reaching your goals.

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