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Counseling Programs in Kentucky

Three counseling specialties in Kentucky are projected to grow by more than 20% between 2006 and 2016, according to Kentucky's Office of Employment and Training. The Office projects substance abuse and behavioral disorder counseling jobs to increase by 23.9%, mental health counseling jobs to increase by 27.4%, and marriage and family therapist jobs to increase by 27.7%.

These growth rates represent significant growth given that total employment in Kentucky is projected to increase by only 9.8% over the same time period, according to the report "Kentucky Occupational Outlook to 2016, available on the Workforce Kentucky website, The report states that high growth rates signal not only increased jobs, but greater opportunities for advancement because demand will likely remain strong for a considerable amount of time. Economists point to trends in prevention programs for substance abuse and mental health disorders as driving demand for counseling specialists. Companies now recognize the impact of alcohol and drug abuse, and emotional disorders such as depression, on productivity. These disorders, if not prevented or adequately treated, result in fewer profits and overall higher healthcare costs.

The rewards of working in the counseling profession are many. If you picture yourself as a counselor, request information from the schools listed below.

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