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Counseling Programs in Louisiana

Many factors have contributed to Louisiana's demand for more counselors, including a long history of hurricanes, with 2005's Katrina being the costliest and one of the deadliest, a high rate of poverty, a high teenage drop-out rate, and a high teenage pregnancy rate. A 44.4% growth rate for the years 2006-2016 for mental health counselors, as reported by the Louisiana Workforce Commission, is one of the highest rates in country.

According to data gathered by the Annie E. Casey Foundation for the years 2006 and 2007, 27% of Louisiana's children live in poverty, and 12% live in extreme poverty; the teen dropout rate is 10%, and 12% of teens weren't attending school or working. Counselors are uniquely qualified to help adults and teens living in these situations, to help them recover from losing homes and jobs due to hurricanes, to counsel those living with high stress because of poverty, and to work with kids and adolescents - to motivate them to stay in school and to succeed in the workforce.

Currently, Louisiana has the highest concentration of educational, vocational and school counselors in the country - great news for Louisiana's children and teens, and adults seeking employment. If you want to change lives in Louisiana, become a counselor. Get started by requesting degree information from the schools listed below.

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