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Counseling Programs in Montana

An amended Montana bill signed in 2009 bolsters the specialized skills of the state's mental health counselors, adding a new level of responsibility for counselors who had lobbied Montana's legislature for two years. Considered critical caregivers in the state's goal to increase residents' preventive health care practices, mental health counselors can now perform psychological testing, evaluation, and assessment, giving them more evidence-based tools to impact the lives of their clients.

The amendment allows counselors better ways to collect information about clients, developing treatment plans based on test results, and collaborating with other professionals on appropriate services and interventions. Evaluation and assessment measurements also aid counselors in designing and implementing results-oriented prevention plans. These new responsibilities add to the attractiveness of working in Montana, a state that already pays its mental health counselors well. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, mean salaries in Montana are $49,310, the fourth highest in the country.

If you desire to work with people, changing lives, and using scientifically based measurement tools to develop solid prevention and intervention programs, you should pursue a counseling degree. Get started today by requesting information from the schools listed below.

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