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Counseling Programs in New Hampshire

New Hampshire has taken the lead in projected high job growth rates for most counseling specialties over the next several years, paralleling the nation’s emphasis on healthy behaviors that correlate with optimum physical and mental health.

Job growth rates in New Hampshire between 2006 and 2016 for substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors and marriage and family therapists are two of the highest in the country at 48.8% and 49.3% respectively, according to the New Hampshire Economic and Labor Market Information Bureau (ELMB). Mental health counseling positions are projected to grow by 33.9%, rehabilitation counseling positions by 31.4%, and educational, vocational and school counseling positions by 16.6%, according to the ELMB. New Hampshire projects all Community and Social Service Occupations, a category that includes most counseling specialties, to grow by 31.6% - much higher than the projected job growth for many other occupations over these ten years.

Studies show the direct correlation between healthy behaviors and overall physical health, and policy decisions on both state and national levels reflect this awareness. The next several years promise to be an advantageous time for counselors, who promote and encourage a holistic approach to mental health. Request information today regarding counseling degree programs from the schools listed below.

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