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Counseling Programs in North Carolina

Those entering counseling specialties in North Carolina will have few problems finding jobs or satisfying career options - the state's strong demand for counseling jobs translates into some of the highest job growth rates in the country. Mental health counseling positions are projected to increase by a remarkable 53% between 2006 and 2016, twenty percent over the 30% national growth rate for this occupation.

North Carolina jobs for substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors are projected to increase 48%; marriage and family therapist jobs are projected to increase by 40%; rehabilitation counselors by 36%; and educational, vocational and school counseling positions by 20%. All of North Carolina's high growth rates for counseling jobs beat national growth rates by several percentage points. These high growth rates signal that demand will stay strong for many years since opportunities for advancement will keep counseling positions open.

Economists point to several reasons for the high demand, specifically more emphasis on prevention programs and early intervention practices. Companies now recognize the impact of untreated emotional disorders, such as depression, on productivity, and the ensuing impact on overall healthcare costs.

Living in North Carolina and becoming a counselor promises years of job growth and career advancement opportunities. Get started today by requesting information from the schools listed below.

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