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Counseling Programs in Ohio

The counseling field in Ohio is gearing up to provide growing opportunities and careers that promise meaningful, rewarding experiences. On its website, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services lists the following careers as having the fastest growth rates from 2006 to 2016: 34% growth for substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors; and 29.9% growth for mental health counselors.

The website's brochure "Career Opportunities, Occupation Trends 2006-2016" also remarks that these growing occupations "offer good employment opportunities and conditions favorable for wage advances." Additionally, the state of Ohio is ranked in the top five states for educational, vocational and school counselors’ annual mean wage at $59,130.

Economists list several reasons for the positive job outlook for counselors, predominately the many changes occurring, economically, socially, and demographically within the U.S., including an increased emphasis on treating the health of individuals holistically - mind and body. Also, an aging population as baby boomers retire, and life expectancy increases.

If you have a desire to enter the rewarding field of counseling, request information from the schools listed below. This is the time to explore a career with positive job growth.

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