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Counseling Programs in Oklahoma

Many consider entering the counseling field in Oklahoma a wise career move, but for those who love working with people, find personal satisfaction in helping individuals and families work through emotional issues and relationship detours, and enjoy enabling healthy behaviors, counseling remains a calling. However, state and national job growth projections help to turn this "calling" into the possibility of a promising future.

Oklahoma's jobs growth rate for all occupations from 2000 to 2010 is 16.06%, yet the occupational category that includes counseling jobs, "Community and Social Service Occupations," shows job growth at 23.52%. In addition, individual counseling specialties listed within this category all show growth rates that exceed the state's overall growth rate.

Oklahoma's projected job growth rates for the coming decade in counseling specialties are as follows: marriage and family therapists, 32.59%; educational, vocational and school counseling, 27.64%; rehabilitation counseling, 27.48%; substance abuse and behavioral disorder counseling, 27.31%; mental health counseling, 21.36%.

Economists expect demand for counselors to remain strong for a considerable amount of time, signaling not only increased jobs, but also greater opportunities for advancement. You can start on your counseling degree by requesting information from the schools listed below.

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