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Counseling Programs in Pennsylvania

Choosing a counseling career in Pennsylvania happens to be one of the smartest decisions for today's job seekers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Pennsylvania is the top state for the concentration of mental health workers in the country. In 2004, Pennsylvania employed 10,440 mental health counselors, and by 2009, that number had increased to 13,870, a 33% increase. In other words, investing in a degree for mental health counseling and living in Pennsylvania can result in a rewarding career where you're able to use and apply your education.

Pennsylvania has mental health counselors working in a variety of positions and for a wide range of health issues. Counselors are found working for substance abuse, drug addiction and suicide prevention programs , and often work with psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors and various social service agencies. Increased emphasis on health prevention programs that focus holistically on the whole person - body and mind - has opened up even more opportunities for Pennsylvania's mental health counselors.

Prepare for a career in the growing field of mental counseling, and start a career that promises to impact a person's total well being. Contact one of the counseling schools listed below. Get started today!

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