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Counseling Programs in West Virginia

Many recognize the importance of school and vocational counselors in guiding the youth of our nation toward productive, stable jobs and futures, but only a handful of states, one of those West Virginia, create a wide range of opportunities for counselors. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, West Virginia ranks third in the country for having the highest number of educational, vocational and school counselors for every 1,000 residents.

Today's school counselors teach guidance lessons to the entire population of a school, ensuring that all students have the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to become productive, stable members of communities. And vocational counselors are especially needed as economic conditions in the country change, requiring new job skills and training. But as the country's social and economic conditions impose stress and uncertainty on individuals and families, the demand for other counselors working in West Virginia is also increasing. The WorkForce West Virginia website states that marriage and family therapists will experience a 1.4% annual growth rate until 2016, while mental health counselors will experience a 1.94% annual growth rate.

As a counselor, you can affect the lives of children and adults in today's demanding world. Start today by requesting degree information from the schools listed below.

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