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MFT Programs in North Carolina

Marriage and family therapists offer their clients specialized knowledge in family systems and psychotherapy to help them cope with the stresses of family life. This can include anything from counseling on problems with communication to diagnosis of mental and emotional disorders.

With all the help marriage and family therapists offer, it is no wonder this a growing industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects a 14% growth in the field by 2018. This rate of growth will ensure career stability and more opportunities for licensed marriage and family therapists.

Working in North Carolina offers financial benefits aside form the national growth of the field. Marriage and family therapists in North Carolina earn, on average, about $12,000 more than other workers in the state.

In order to become a licensed marriage and family therapist, you must first earn a master’s degree. The following North Carolina schools offer programs that can help you to begin a career in marriage and family therapy. If you like the sound of any of these schools, feel free to request more information from them.

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