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MFT Programs in Utah

Marriage and family therapy is extraordinarily rewarding for those looking to earn a living helping families. As a marriage and family therapist, you will be trusted by your patients to assist them in coping with any of the vast number of problems facing families today. This can include issues with substance abuse, mental or emotional dysfunctions, or infidelity between spouses.

Being a marriage and family therapist in Utah is not only fulfilling but financially rewarding. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Utah marriage and family therapists make, on average, over $10,000 more annually than other Utah residents.

Additionally, consistent national growth in the industry will mean more career opportunities for marriage and family therapists. The BLS reports there will be a 14% growth in the industry by 2018.

The Utah schools listed below offer programs in marriage and family therapy, which are essential to becoming a licensed therapist. Contact them today!

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