phd psychology research

The origin of change in organizational programs, governmental policies, psychotherapy techniques, counseling methodology, intervention techniques, etc. all reside in the laboratory. Research and the scientific methods applied to the creation of programs to advance the above topics is at the heart of progress.

Refinement of current practices in human resource departments, counseling fields, governmental policy, etc. is a job for those who are interested in both the theory and application sides of psychology.

Psychology research, program evaluation and statistical measurement analysis are tasks that are growing in importance at all levels and in virtually every industry. In a nutshell, these tasks are necessary for the development of tangible knowledge of business operations, government policy effectiveness and counseling efficacy.

Phd programs in psychology research are providing students with the tools necessary to successfully aid in the progression of how companies run their businesses, how individuals are counseled and how government policy is developed.

What you will learn

Specifically, a PhD program in Psychology will provide you with knowledge in the following areas:

PhD in Psychology Research Concepts

  • Develop meaningful business metrics
  • Proram evaluation
  • Psychological impacts of social & cultural diversity
  • Application of psychometrics in program development & organizational assessments
  • Biological connections to behavior
  • Psychology of learning
  • Family development theory
  • Systems approach to interventions
  • Adult psychotherapy
  • Etiology & diagnostics
  • Techniques of group counseling
  • Psychotherapy techniques
  • Statistics and psychometrics
  • Research design & methodology
  • Objective personality assessments
  • Principles of project management
  • Influence, motivation & persuasion in the workplace
  • Psychology of organizational leadership
  • Maneuvering through global cultures & diversity issues