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Vermont psychology schools are feeling the pressure of demand. The world is ready for change and ready for the development of policy and business strategies that are based on sound logic and reason. The fundamentals of psychology are the basis for creating solutions grounded in these exact attributes.

“As we did with the Fuel and Food Partnership, the Economic Response Team will bring together the private and public sector to help Vermont companies at risk due to the current economic downturn. By cutting through red tape and bringing all of our combined resources to bear, we can help preserve and even grow jobs.” – Vermont Governor Jim Douglas, Jan. 26th, 2009

By creating an Economic Response Team, Governor Douglas is expressing an opinion that is pervasive across the entire state of Vermont. We are ready to toss aside useless traditions steering us away from progress. Psychology professionals are at the heart of this change. Vermont psychology schools are providing their students with the tools necessary for assessing complicated issues and creating thoroughly researched, logical solutions.

Government is not the only sector putting a demand on Vermont psychology colleges. Businesses across all industries are hiring an increasing number of professionals educated in psychology in an effort to better understand clients and customers and to better meet product of service expectations.

Much of the change that has been occuring in Vermont is based on two factors, the changing economic landscape and the level of education of the public. The increasing level of education of the public is also felt through demand in the mental health fields as well. With increasing awareness of mental illnesses and substance abuse issues, more individuals are seeking the help of mental health professionals than ever before.

For those interested in gaining their education through a Vermont psychology school, know that you will likely see increasing job opportunities and salary prospects continuously over the coming years.

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