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Across the state, West Virginia psychology colleges are preparing students with the necessary tools for creating progressive solutions to difficult and complex problems.

“When one West Virginian is hurting, all West Virginians are hurting. This support team will go beyond programs that we may traditionally associate with layoffs or plant closures. We must help these individuals in every way possible, from educating them on the different assistance programs to job re-training options.” – West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin III, Feb. 5th, 2009

Governor Manchin is making use of psychology concepts in an effort to help restore confidence in our economy and the strength of the government. Many government departments rely on the expertise of psychology professionals to help sculpt policy and deal with public relations.

However, West Virginia psychology schools are feeling the pressure of increasing demand for graduates in more areas than just government. Businesses across all industries are hiring psychology professionals to help better connect with clients and customers through marketing, development of better products or services, and through creating more efficient and productive workplace environments.

West Virginia psychology schools are also finding a rising demand in the mental health industry. Part of this continual rise in demand can be attributed to increasing awareness of mental health issues and substance abuse problems. With increasing levels of education and greater understanding in the value of treatment options, greater numbers of individuals are actively seeking help.

Regardless of the industry West Virginia psychology school graduates decide to enter, they will likely find a continuous incline in available job opportunities and salary prospects over the coming years.

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