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The demand for those with a background in developmental psychology continues to rise, and the number of careers with diverse job titles with a range of salaries changes almost daily. Especially fueling this growth is the demand for professionals who work with the increasing numbers of older adults.

"Although there is a broad range of exciting opportunities in psychological research and practice focusing on older adults, there are not enough psychologists to keep pace with the increasing demand," according to the American Psychological Association.

Paralleling this need for those who apply the science of development to older adults, is the need for those who can prepare the population for a healthy and productive old age. Prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, mental health and developmental disorders, substance abuse, healthy family relationships and positive social interactions are just a few of the crucial topics for a well performing and productive society, and developmental specialists have the knowledge and skills to work in all these critical areas.

The APA website also states that school psychology, another key area of employment for developmental psychologists, has some of the best job prospects. Schools are expected to increase counseling and mental health services in the future.

As of Aug 5, 2015, reports a median annual salary of $48000 for the developmental psychologists. This salary can of course vary greatly based location, industry or experience.

The following representative jobs and salaries for those with a developmental psychology background were listed in August 2015 on, a website that lists average salaries for current job openings.

These positions were listed for the Chicago area, and the same positions in both Los Angeles and New York City were listed within a few thousand dollars, either more or less, of these averages.

Developmental Psychology Salary Vs Similar Occupations

Job Title*Average Salary
developmental psychologist$48,000
Behavioral Therapist$40,000
Developmental Specialist$64,000
Qualified Developmental Disability Professional$43,000
Developmental Disabilities Service Coordinator$42,000
Psychological Examiner$69,000
Developmental Services Worker$36,000
Psychologist Supervisor$96,000

*Depending on the job and hiring organization, these positions have a variety of names. For example, early childhood specialist, mental health supervisor, and family therapist.

The forecast for jobs in developmental psychology remains positive, and the salary trends, as shown on, show sharp increases over the next several years. If you are interested in helping others, and working in a dynamic, changing field that promises salary growth and opportunities, you should consider a career in developmental psychology.

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