Gerontology Schools and Degree Programs

Gerontology Programs and Schools

gerontology programs

Degree programs in gerontology provide students with an understanding of the aging process and also where and why professionals in the field of gerontology employ their talents.

As a student of a gerontology program, you will learn about direct service, advocacy in legislation, and a wide variety of research areas from which to choose from. You will learn how those educated in gerontology are becoming increasingly vital in many different areas of government and healthcare.

Aging can have severe mental as well as physical effects on people. Changes undergone by people through aging can affect moods, relationships, the ability to fight off illness, and much more. There are many resources that will need to be allocated to areas that deal with aging, both in the health and social/public advocacy areas. Because of this, career opportunities is the field of gerontology should increase long into the future.

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