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Transpersonal Psychology Programs

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The emergence of transpersonal psychology and associated therapies, counseling methodologies and overall education was only a matter of time. For many individuals, religion and spirituality takes center stage in their lives. Incorporating spirituality with mental health counseling and therapy techniques allows transpersonal psychology professionals to exploit a clients' relationships with a higher power to their benefit.

By disregarding the issues and beliefs that drive many of us to perform our day to day tasks is comparable to disregarding marital strife as a contributing factor to an individual's state of mental health. Our beliefs and our ability to make the most of counseling and therapy are inseparable and should be accounted for at each step of the process toward mental healing.

Schools offering transpersonal psychology degree programs or related educational programs have been gaining traction over the past decade. As a counselor or psychologist enters to the workforce, education in multi-cultural and multi-faith awareness can greatly expand your effectiveness among a wider variety of demographics.

Contact the schools listed below to learn more about classes each school offers, teaching methodologies, tuition costs and topics covered. Be sure to stay organized, contact multiple schools and compare what each school has to offer so you can learn which transpersonal psychology program is the best fit for you.

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