Social Work Schools and Programs in Florida

Social Work Programs in Florida

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From its beautiful beaches to its enchanting Everglades, Florida is a state brimming with outdoor adventure. Its sunshine, ocean breezes, and aquatic activities make it a popular choice for college - with many great options that offer strong programs in social work.

Florida social workers are among the most committed in the nation. Understanding the significant efforts that must be sustained in order to help Florida's elderly, underprivileged, and immigrant populations, practicing social workers readily participate in programs that enable students to gain experience while they pursue their studies.

The state of Florida offers one license in social work.

The Florida Clinical Social Worker license requires a master's degree in social work (MSW) or doctoral degree in social work (DSW). It also requires at least two years of post-degree supervised, clinical fieldwork. Additionally, applicants must pass an ASWB exam and take an 8-hour course in Florida Laws and Regulations.

Find more information on Florida's social work licensing here.

The Florida Human Rights Experience

As a coastal state, Florida often deals with human rights problems in the Caribbean and Central American countries. It was once the choice for many Cubans fleeing Castro's regime. Since then, it has helped people from throughout the region. Most recently, it became an active home base for many charities and human service organizations currently helping in Haiti. These regional concerns offer excellent opportunities for social work students to learn about cultural concerns and immigration issues.

The Florida chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is an important bridge for students looking to advance in the field. They offer special classes and lectures, and provide networking opportunities and internship possibilities for students as they advance. They also offer Florida Laws and Rules courses as well as ASWB exam tutoring for those interested in licensing.

The Florida Department of Elders

As the prime retirement spot for millions of elderly people, Florida is charged with providing extensive senior services. It is a job directed by their Department of Elder Affairs. Florida's prime objective is to help seniors stay in their homes, among friends and family for as long as possible. They do this by facilitating essential services and support structures that make life easier.

In-home services help ease the burden for both the senior and the family members who arre caring for them. These services include in-home nurse visits, meals, and medical supplies such, as oxygen. They also address special issues such as Alzheimer’s disease, and help resolve questions about Medicare.

Community resources and programs help elders stay connected to people who enrich their lives. Many of these resources provide transportation, nutrition and wellness advice, help around the house, and companionship. Social workers are instrumental in delivering these services to seniors and their care-givers, and as the American population ages, more workers with geriatric training will be needed.

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