Social Work Schools and Programs in Missouri

Social Work Programs in Missouri

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The Missouri countryside is a beautiful backdrop for an education. Rolling hills, dense forests, and mountain lakes provide outdoor recreation from hiking, boating, and canoeing to golf, bird-watching, and fishing. Missouri's native landscape holds many allures for those who enjoy nature and learning about America's past.

As the gateway to the West, Missouri had an historic view of the expansion of America as pioneers headed out to establish new lives. Missourians, as a result, have a pioneering spirit that inspires their energetic approach to their families and communities, including providing assistance to those among them who are most in need.

Hope Chest for Kids, Inc.

The Hope Chest for Kids is a project that focuses on children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. Although children may be placed in good foster care or adoptive homes, they still have physical and emotional challenges. Hope Chest for Kids provides resources that help kids address these challenges.

Most importantly, the program provides, through referral, therapeutic resources such as counseling, therapy, and tutoring for those in need. They also provide a variety of assistance that enables kids to start enjoying a normal life. Clothes, food, and financial assistance such as sports fees, and camps help foster families provide for these children.

For more information explore the Hope Chest for Kids website.

Why Study Social Work in Missouri?

Missouri understands resilience and perseverance, and its social work community knows how to build on those traits by providing clients the tools they need to meet their challenges and resolve their issues.

The Missouri Department of Social Services is the safety net for many of Missouri's impoverished, providing daycare, counseling, in-home help, mental health evaluations, and diagnoses. This state agency is prepared for any intervention that may become necessary, employing social workers with a wide range of experience to help clients change their living conditions and provide a more stable atmosphere for their children.

Missouri's colleges and universities are known for their academic strength. Among them, are research universities that make significant contributions to the study of social work and social justice. Students have the opportunity to study with leaders in their specialties and do field work in locations that embrace new ideas and techniques.

Missouri's Social Work Licensure

Missouri issues two social work licenses.

  1. Applicants for the Licensed Baccalaureate Social Worker (LBSW) licensure must have their bachelor's degree in social work(BSW) from an accredited school, and take the appropriate exam.
  2. Applicants for the Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) licensure must have at least a master's degree in social work form an accredited school, and take the appropriate exam. They must also complete 3000 hours of supervised clinical experience in no more than 2 years.

For more information see Missouri social work licensing.

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