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Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) Licensure

Learn how to become a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT)

Marrital and Family Therapy is a unique form of counseling. Rather than exploring interactions within individuals, MFT's focus on the dynamics occuring between individuals in the form of their relationships. Since many methods of relationship therapy is unique, education and training is also unique. Standards of practice inevitably have formed their own category and thus have given rise to a licensure process all its own.

Marriage and Family Therapist licensure procedures are similar in most states with regard to educational requirements, an advanced degree in Marriage and Family Counseling or Therapy. You will also find most states have similar examination requirements and experience requirements prior to qualification for MFT licensure. However, particular methods and organizations with which you will apply for licensure vary significantly between states. Therefore, you will need to follow the licensing procedures specifically laid out for your state.

Why do Marriage and Family Therapists need to be licensed?

There is never any guarantee a therapist or counselor is ethical and concerned for the welfare of all his or her clients. However, the process of licensure has come to exist in marriage and family therapy as a way to regulate the caliber of professional entering the field.

Through MFT licensing procedures, those unable or incapable of understanding fundamental concepts relating to proper relationship therapy and other vital practices performed in the profession will not be able to complete the educational requirements or successfully pass mandatory examinations. Such weeding out of applicants allows for the profession to avoid most scandals and serves to preserve the good name of this profession.

Marriage and Family Therapist licensing is, in effect, a guarantee for the existance and continual growth of the MFT industry.

Click on the state in which you wish to gain your therapist licensure to learn more about the licensure process.

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