Psychologist Career

As per Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2019, there were approximately 192,300 employed psychologists (Bureau of Labor and Statistics). Career opportunities for psychologists are projected to grow at 3% during the decade of 2019-29 which is as fast as the national average for all careers.

Psychologist career growth can be attributed to a variety of issues, between varying disciplines of research and applied psychology. People and business are continually learning more about the value of psychologists’ skills in every walk of life.

Whether issues relate to helping individuals grow and learn how to become more self-aware or to helping a company better understand its customers and clients, psychologists are displaying a trade that helps individuals lead more productive and happy lives and companies become more effective and efficient with their particular services.

Learn more about how you can meet the educational requirements of these careers by contacting psychology schools in your area or online. In addition, learn more about psychologist licensure procedures in your state.

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