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Psychology education in Alaska is slowly picking up momentum, as is psychology education across the rest of the country. Demand for individuals with an education in psychology is the main driving force for a better selection of psychology programs in Alaska.

"Overall employment of counselors is expected to increase by 21 percent between 2006 and 2016" 2006 BLS statistics

As Alaska is isolated from the rest of the country, so have been many efforts toward educating residents about the power of understanding psychology from reasons of mental health to psychologists in the workplace creating more efficient companies through motivation assessments. However, as greater populations of Alaskans are becoming better educated with regard to the value of psychology education, greater amounts of government funds will be set aside for mental health programs, more individuals will seek the help of psychologists and companies will employ the services of organizational and industrial psychologists at a greater frequency.

With demand swinging toward the job seekers side, enrolling in a college psychology program in Alaska will open up an assortment of career opportunities whether you are seeking to complete a graduate program for a professional counseling position or you are seeking to gain an undergraduate, fundamental knowledge of psychology.

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