Explore the information below and begin your journey toward becoming a licensed psychologist in Arizona. The following procedures have been the same for many years; however, they are subject to change and it would be wise to contact the Arizona Board of Psychology at (602) 542-8162 if you have any concerns or questions regarding requirements for earning your Arizona psychologist license.

I’m a High School Graduate

There’s some good and bad news for you. The bad news is that in order to earn your psychologist license in Arizona, you will need many more years of formal education. The good news is that you will have ample opportunity to explore various career opportunities available to pscyhologists prior to committing to any one single profession!

Step One:

The first step to be taken is to get the ball rolling with regard to higher education. Begin requesting information from schools offering undergraduate programs in psychology.

Click on the links below to browse schools offering programs you are currently qualified to begin!

Step Two:

Aside from continuing with your higher education, there’s only one other important issue to tackle. Applying to psychology graduate programs in Arizona can be highly competitive. You can boost your resume by volunteering in Arizona. Volunteering positions in a psychology related field will also help you narrow your career focus:

Education and experience are two things we can never get enough of to increase our value within our communities. The only truly bad decision is to simply stall. So, get out there and start learning!

Already Received Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree

Once you have your undergraduate or Master’s degree you will need to continue on and earn your doctorate degree in psychology, educational psychology or an education degree that specializes in counseling psychology or educational psychology from an accredited college or university.

Step One:

Contact schools offering Master’s, PhD or PsyD programs you are interested in.

Step Two:

Make sure you contact a career services employee at your school to learn more about specialization options in the field of psychology. There are many career options for psychologists in Arizona. Learn which options are most attractive to you.

I Have Finished PhD or PsyD

Follow the steps to learn how to acquire your Psychologist license in Arizona.

Step One:

Arizona’s licensure policy requires 3000 hours of supervised professional experience. The first 1500 hours can be completed during the doctorate however clerkships or practicums do not count towards these hours. Also, before you start to accumulate hours you want to make sure that your internship is approved by the APA, check their site for more info, or make sure you are part of an organized training program that meets certain requirements. You can find a list of requirements through the Arizona State Legislature website.

Step Two:

Make sure your final 1500 hours of supervised experience is done post-doctorally. Before you may begin these hours you will need written certification from the school you received your degree from. The amount of direct supervision is different from that of the first 1500 hours so it is important to check the statutes on the Arizona State Legislature site once again.

Step Three:

Now it’s time to complete your application for licensure. You can find information about Arizona psychologist application procedures and a downloadable application form on the Arizona Psychology Board website.

Step Four:

Once your application has been successfully reviewed, you will need to sit for the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP). The Arizona Board of Psychology may additionally administer a state exam if necessary. If the board chooses to administer the additional exam, they can provide you with a temporary license for a specific period of time. If you do not receive your full, professional licensure, your temporary license will expire. Helpful information on the EPPP can be found at their site.