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Counseling Programs in Arizona

Those planning to enter the counseling field in Arizona during the next several years will be pleasantly surprised, and, more than likely, rewarded with satisfying jobs. Estimated job growth between the years 2006 and 2016 in Arizona's counseling occupations exceeds most states and large metropolitan areas.

On the state's workforce website,, Arizona projects the following remarkable rates of growth for this time period: 35% for educational, vocational and school counselors; 34.9% for substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors; 37.2% for marriage and family therapists; 40.5% for mental health counselors; 23.4% for rehabilitation counselors; and 20.6% for all other counselors.

Several reasons can be attributed to these high growth rates, perhaps most notably changes taking place, economically and socially, within the U.S., including an increased emphasis on treating the health of individuals holistically - mind and body. Also, dramatic economic changes in employment, requiring workers to retrain for jobs, and the pressure on families to alter lifestyles because of job losses and changes, necessitate counselors skilled in helping individuals and families cope with these major life changes.

If you have a desire to help individuals weather the changes taking place today, request information from the schools listed below offering degrees in counseling.

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