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Counseling Programs in Hawaii

Working as a marriage and family therapist in Hawaii brings many rewards, including the satisfaction of helping individuals cope and manage depression (see Depression), marital problems, anxiety (see Anxiety), individual psychological problems, and child-parent problems. Those employed as marriage and family therapists in the state also receive financial rewards, receiving the highest mean salaries in the country, earning $77,880 annually, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The job outlook for mental health counselors in Hawaii is also positive. According to Hawaii's Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, the growth rate for mental health counseling jobs will increase by 26.7% between the years 2006 and 2016. As the U.S. digs itself out of one the worse recessions in history, counselors in Hawaii will be called on to help individuals and families handle the stress of changing jobs, going back to school, and developing appropriate behaviors for altered employment and family environments.

If you desire to work with families and individuals as a counselor, impacting and altering lives for better outcomes in today's complex and changing environment, request information from the schools listed below.

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