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Counseling Programs in Michigan

Transforming an economy centered on manufacturing to one based on knowledge has many hurdles, but Michigan has proactively undertaken the challenge, endorsing educational and training programs in professions like counseling. The state enables many residents to go back to school tuition-free under the No Worker Left Behind (NWLB) program, helping residents gain skills needed to seize new opportunities in the emerging job market.

Nationally, three counseling specialties are listed in the top 30 fastest-growing occupations for the years 2006 to 2016: substance abuse and behavioral disorder counseling jobs, expected to grow by 34%; mental health counseling jobs, expected to grow by 30%; and marriage and family therapy jobs, also expected to grow by 30%. Counseling positions require at least a bachelor's degree, many a master's degree.

NWLB is organized to help either unemployed workers or those in low-wage jobs go back to school; it also complements other programs for high school students. By 2010, the state estimates it will have a shortage of 334,000 skilled workers for high-demand professions, such as counseling.

If you have the desire to work with individuals of all ages and families, impacting lives through positive interventions and effective prevention programs, a counseling career might be the right choice for you. You can request information from some of the schools listed below to learn more about their counseling degree programs and how they can help you get started.

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