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Counseling Programs in Mississippi

Mississippi's educational, vocational and school counselors are expected to experience the fastest job growth out of all other counseling positions in the state from 2006 to 2016, according to the Mississippi Department of Employment Security. The Department projects these counseling positions to increase by 17.1%, faster than the 14.2% growth rate for all other occupations in the state. Mental health counseling jobs in the state are also expected to increase faster than all other jobs, growing 16.4% for the same time period.

Overall, Mississippi projects an 18.9% job growth rate for jobs listed in the category "Counselors, Social Workers, and Other Community and Social Service Specialists," which includes most counseling specialties. These high growth rates follow a trend that places counseling jobs among the top 30 fastest growing occupations in the country. People now are more likely than in previous years to seek help for emotional and behavioral issues, acknowledging the impact of these disorders on their personal relationships and work environments.

Counseling positions in Mississippi are expanding, making this a good time to enter the field. These careers offer many personal rewards, and opportunities for career advancement in a number of specialties. To get started on a degree, request information from the schools listed below.

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