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Counseling Programs in Nebraska

Nebraska's counseling jobs are currently considered "HOT" careers, according to the Nebraska Department of Labor. Jobs that receive this label combine projections of fast growth with increasing numbers of available positions. The DOL lists at least three counseling specialties with this most promising label: substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors, rehabilitation counselors, and mental health counselors. Another specialty, marriage and family therapists (MFTs), not labeled as "HOT" because available openings aren't quite as high as the other specialties, still shows one of the highest job growth rates for the next ten years at 51.17%.

This 51.17% growth rate for Nebraska's MFTs is not only one of the highest in the state, but one of the highest in the nation, which also categorizes MFT positions as some of the fastest growing U.S. occupations. To account for the increasing demand for counseling jobs, economists point to the emphasis now placed by healthcare professionals and policymakers. Employers also recognize the harmful implications of untreated emotional disorders on productivity and the bottom line.

Entering the counseling profession in Nebraska today means career opportunities and years of job growth and advancement. Request information from the schools listed below to learn more.

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