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Counseling Programs in Texas

Over the next several years, counseling jobs in Texas will increase, opportunities will expand, and job growth will exceed national projections. The website projects the following job growth rates for the years 2006-2016 for these "Hot" jobs: marriage and family therapist positions - 30%; mental health counseling positions - 27.1%; substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors - 35%, and rehabilitation counselors - 20.5%.

Economists attribute the focus on prevention and early intervention programs to these high growth rates. Also, policymakers and companies now recognize the devastating impact of untreated emotional disorders on healthcare costs, and the nation's economy. In addition, Texas has lost fewer jobs overall during the recession than many other states. According to the Texas Workforce website, the unemployment rate from October 2008 to October 2009 remained nearly two percentage points lower than the national average. The website attributed the relatively robust job market to gains in the professional services industry, of which counselors remain a significant occupational segment.

High growth rates in counseling determine strong demand for many years since opportunities for advancement will keep counseling positions open. Becoming a counselor in Texas, for many, can translate into a rewarding and stable career. Request degree information from the schools listed below, and get started today.

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