PhD Criminology

The success of societal development is owed in large part to our society’s understanding of criminology fundamentals. If we evaluate the state of various countries around the world, we find the most developed countries with the greatest opportunities for those who work hard are countries who have developed a legal system and set of policies that encourage honest work and discourage the act of fraud, dishonesty and criminal behavior in general.

Of course some might dispute this comment, but the argument is based on relativity. In comparison, America is still the land of opportunity.

In this country our way of life is preserved by the aid of those who are educated in the concepts of sociology, psychology and criminology. Through the development of policy, law, and correctional programs, faith in the stability of our legal system to support growth and positive progress has led to the world we live in today.

PhD programs in Criminology are providing students with the knowledge and skill set necessary to understand the psychology of people living in a democratic society, the psychology of the criminal mind-set and to understand how to work within a democratic governance to progress our current system of criminal justice.

What you will learn

Specifically, a PhD program in Criminology will provide you with knowledge in the following areas:

PhD in Criminology Concepts

  • Theories of criminal behavior
  • Adult psychopathology & treatment
  • Group counseling and psychotherapy for groups and individuals
  • Types and characteristics of crime
  • Analysis of the crimnal justice process
  • Juvenile justice
  • Professional leadership and ethics
  • Nonprofit and governmental budgeting and finance
  • Contemporary issues in criminal justice
  • Research methodology
  • Data analysis
  • Thories of democratic governance
  • Leadership andchange
  • Mental health & crime
  • Drugs, addiction & crime

Salary Benefits

A survey conducted by Bureau of Labor and Statistics in May of 2008 found that across the country Political Scientists averaged a salary of $99,320 and Social & Community Services Managers averaged $60,570. However, the top ten percent earned $146,880 and $96,290 respectively.

Bureau of Labor and Statistics