Louisiana Social Work Licensure

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Below are basic guidelines for those wishing to earn their social work licensure in Louisiana. Most procedures and requirements remain constant over the years; however, it is wise to contact the Louisiana State Board of Social Work Examiners at (225)-756-3470 to make sure you are on the right track.

Steps to Earn Your Louisiana Social Work License:

Step One:

  • Registered Social Worker (RSW) - To practice as a registered social worker in the state of Louisiana, you will need your bachelors degree from an accredited school.
  • Graduate Social Worker (GSW) - To qualify for a Louisiana Graduate Social Worker licensure, you will need your masters degree in social work from an accredited school.
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) - A masters degree is required in Louisiana to practice as a licensed clinical social worker.

Request information from schools offering social work degree programs.

Step Two:

  • A Registered Social Worker does not need pre-licensing work experience.
  • No pre-license work experience is needed for Louisiana Graduate Social Work licensure.
  • A LCSW needs three years of full-time, supervised social work experience once they have completed their masters degree.

After August 15, 2007, a LCSW will need a minimum of 5,760 hours of work experience including 3840 of those hours practicing under qualified supervision. More information about hourly requirements and approved supervisors can be found under LCSW instructions on the following Louisiana Board of Social Work Examiners website.

Step Three:

Once you have met the necessary requirements listed above, you can download the appropriate Louisiana social work licensure application and submit that along with all supporting documents and fees to the Louisiana State Board of Social Work Examiners. Once they have reviewed and accepted your application, you will be notified with a confirmation letter.

You may download the applications from the following Louisiana Board of Social Work Examiners website.

Step Four:

The notification you receive from the Louisiana Board will allow you to contact the Association of Social Work Boards and register for the proper examinations.

  • Louisiana Registered Social Work Licensure does not require an examination.
  • A Graduate Social Work licensure candidate will need to pass the Masters level exam.
  • A Louisiana Licensed Clinical Social Work candidate will need to take the Advanced Generalist or Clinical examination.

More information for each exam is available at the Association of Social Work Boards website.

Step Five:

Each level of licensed social work is required to complete 20 hours of education per year in order to maintain licensure. The Louisiana State Board of Social Work Examiners will notify you by mailing out notices each year on June 1st.

More details can be found under continuing education requirements on the Louisiana Board of Social Work Examiners website.

This process can take some time, so being aware of deadlines and keeping your Louisiana Social Worker license active is important.

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